Internet Access covering the Florida Keys, Key West, the Outer Banks and Nationwide, with a wide range of access numbers. Fast connect times, and local numbers, and anti-spam email.

Free Internet Service

We always give you a free month of service if you reccomend a friend to us. For every new person you refer to our service and they sign up you get 1 months of internet service for free! Just refer 12 friends or family and you will receive a YEAR of free internet service. Make sure they mention that you told them about the service so we can give you credit for the referral.

Switch YOUR Internet Service today!

There is no cost to sign up, just your monthly fee

Switch Internet Option     Price
Regular Monthly Service     $8.88/month
Regular Yearly Service     $99.99/year

Call Toll Free 1-866-355-1189 or Signup Here!

Check our nationwide service numbers for local call access in your area, then Switch Internet!

Call Toll Free 1-866-355-1189

Location to have us help you install Switch Internet and get setup:

Switch Internet, Outer Banks, Key West and Nationwide Dialup Service: $8.88/month

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